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Your End-of-the-Year Financial To-Do List

As we are finally bringing this year to a close, take some time to check off a few important items before year-end: 1. Check your overall portfolio allocation 2020 has been a record-setting, volatile year, and it is not over yet, so, have you harvested enough liquidity to capture opportunities moving into 2021? Have you […]

Your teen’s…retirement?

Roth IRA strategy for teens offers a jump start on long-term savings. And it could provide a gifting opportunity for parents or grandparents to chip in, too. Yes, retirement. Let’s start with the basics. IRA: “Individual Retirement Account” (or “Individual Retirement Agreement”) There are two main types of IRAs: Traditional Roth While both are beneficial, […]

VERDENCE/PRO Unveils New Advisory Board

VERDENCE/PRO UNVEILS NEW ADVISORY BOARD MADE UP OF LUMINARIES FROM PROFESSIONAL SPORTS, SPORTS BUSINESS, ENTERTAINMENT AND MORE  PRESS RELEASE BALTIMORE, MD – June 8, 2020 – Verdence/PRO, the athlete- and entertainer-focused division of nationally-recognized private wealth advisory and multi-family office firm Verdence Capital Advisors (“Verdence”), today announced the members of its new advisory board. Comprised […]

You made it first. Now make it last.

Pro Careers on Hold?

While the cancellation of live sporting events would not make it into a top 20 list of coronavirus-related hardships, it has nonetheless removed what would have been a major source of distraction for these shelter-at-home times. More than half of all scheduled sporting events have been or will be cancelled this year, by some estimates, […]

You made it first. Now make it last.

COVID-19 Impact on Sports and Entertainmnet

In 776 BC, Greek King Iphitos infamously established that sports stop for no one, declaring that for seven days prior and seven following the ancient Olympic games there was to be no conflict (1). This allowed the great soldiers and athletes of the day to return from battle and compete against their peers for eternal […]

You made it first. Now make it last.