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Your End-of-the-Year Financial To-Do List

As we are finally bringing this year to a close, take some time to check off a few important items before year-end: 1. Check your overall portfolio allocation 2020 has been a record-setting, volatile year, and it is not over yet, so, have you harvested enough liquidity to capture opportunities moving into 2021? Have you […]

Your teen’s…retirement?

Roth IRA strategy for teens offers a jump start on long-term savings. And it could provide a gifting opportunity for parents or grandparents to chip in, too. Yes, retirement. Let’s start with the basics. IRA: “Individual Retirement Account” (or “Individual Retirement Agreement”) There are two main types of IRAs: Traditional Roth While both are beneficial, […]

VERDENCE/PRO Unveils New Advisory Board

VERDENCE/PRO UNVEILS NEW ADVISORY BOARD MADE UP OF LUMINARIES FROM PROFESSIONAL SPORTS, SPORTS BUSINESS, ENTERTAINMENT AND MORE  PRESS RELEASE BALTIMORE, MD – June 8, 2020 – Verdence/PRO, the athlete- and entertainer-focused division of nationally-recognized private wealth advisory and multi-family office firm Verdence Capital Advisors (“Verdence”), today announced the members of its new advisory board. Comprised […]

You made it first. Now make it last.

Pro Careers on Hold?

While the cancellation of live sporting events would not make it into a top 20 list of coronavirus-related hardships, it has nonetheless removed what would have been a major source of distraction for these shelter-at-home times. More than half of all scheduled sporting events have been or will be cancelled this year, by some estimates, […]

You made it first. Now make it last.